Welding is a technical process that involves joining two separate metal parts together with high heat and pressure. Through this process, the metal surfaces’ boundaries disappear and develop metal crystals that connect the pieces, creating a joint. At Sinclair & Sons Custom Welding & Machine Service Inc., we offer metal welding services to meet your precise needs.

Types of Welding Services

Our custom welding shop relies on the skills of certified and trained welders to ensure high-quality metal fabrication. With extensive experience in TIG Welding, our team can provide excellent, quality welding for your projects.

Additionally, welders can offer upgrades, metal fabrications, and craft augmentation services to help with your various metal construction needs.

Metal Welding

Some metals are easily weldable and retain higher weld quality as compared to other metals. Sinclair & Sons can provide this weldability knowledge along with their expertise working with a range of metals.